2018 Big Game Awards

Post evacuation there was a small group of us that camped together and I was able to present a couple of the big game awards. Id love to deliver the awards I was not able to give out at Jamboree and recognize those that harvested in 2018. Congratulations to the following hunters.

Best of Species Mule deer: Dan Pace

Best of Species Whitetail: Gary Gapp

Best of Species Bear: Scott Schmid

Best of Species Elk: Shelly McCarthy

Best of Species Pronghorn: (TIE 80 0/8″ )

Scott Schmid and Gary Gapp

Male bowhunter of the year: (TIE w/ 220 points ea.)

Scott Schmid and Gary Gapp

Youth Bowhunter of the year: Sam Sherman

Women’s Bowhunter of the year: Shelly McCarthy


Please reach out to me via email: ISBbiggamechair@gmail.com and I will get you your first lite vest/jackets if I haven’t already.(Zach Chittenden)

Huge thank you to First lite for your continued support and donations to ISB. We appreciate you!