5 thoughts on “Hunting Articles

  1. If anyone finds a black youth compound bow at the Jamboree 2016, please respond to this post. We left my son’s bow on Sunday evening about 3:00pm. If found my son would be so appreciative. Thanks!

  2. 2015 Jamboree problem, too many dogs on course, some running loose, barking, dogs should be left at camp, show some respect for your fellow bow shooter.

  3. Hi I am a life member and have been for many years. I always looked forward to the newsletters and since everything is going to computers I miss most of the stories and updates since I do not check your website that offer. I almost forgot about the jamboree. Decided to check your site and found that there is not a site to register if you have a life membership. So I either have to wait to register or not show up. I do miss those newsletter.

    • We have not had a volunteer for newsletter editor for about five years, with a lack of people wanting to help out it is hard to get out even if we have converted to a electronic newsletter. We do have a place for you to sign up on the web. thank you

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