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  1. We will be putting updates on this page more now. We have a newsletter that will be put out soon and it will be posted here as well as on our FB page. We have a drawing for a couple items also on our FB page so please like it if you have not already!

  2. To Idaho Sportsmen,

    I see that the Governor of your state wants to appoint different IFG Commissioner’s. I have read the article about how the Commissioner’s would not let the Legislators pass a back door slippery deal to allow the auctioning of premium tag’s and allow landowners to sell theirs. Someone should give the commissioner’s the Nobel peace prize for that.

    You see I live in Utah and everything that your Legislator wants to do we have already done and I’m telling you boys that you want NO PART OF IT AT ALL!!!!

    If they are allowed to do this, the days of hunting with your family and all of you having tags hunting together are over!! It will turn into a money game that tags go to the highest bidder. Some of you may say I don’t know what I’m talking about; well maybe I don’t but let me explain what has happen over the last 25 years in Utah

    It started with helping the Elk herd in 1989. Too many big bulls were benign killed (which they were). The FG took 90% of the state and turned it into spike only to help bring back the big bull population. There idea was to get the herd back up and turn it back to open bull. You will still be allowed to kill big bulls but it would be a limited entry tag. Once they saw that they could get $285 for a tag instead of $50 a tag, Utah still to this day remains 90% spike only, with no spike units getting turned back into open bull ever. (The money game begins)

    Then we had the winter of 1992/1993 which devastated the mule deer herd. In some area’s we had 3-5 buck’s per 100 does. The FG cut the number of tags down, which they should have. Then they split the state into sections to help manage the different herds, Which was fine you still could buy a tag over the counter and go hunting with your family. The FG then came back in the late 90 and said we are averaging 10 bucks per 100 doe. The goal was to make 15 bucks per 100 doe, so they wanted to put the entire state on a draw system to achieve this. The state average today is 20-25 bucks per 100 doe and we continue to be on a draw only system. Idaho went though the same if not worse winter in 92-93 and they did not shut their state down to a Draw only, I wonder why?? I have a 12 year old son that put in for is first Utah deer tag and did not draw it! Can you think back minute about your first deer hunt with Dad and grandpa how would you have felt if they said sorry the hunts off we did not draw?


    Also in the late 90 the Utah FG introduces the CMWU program. (Corporate Wildlife Management Unit)This allowed the big land owners to make their property their own little hunting unit. The deal is that the FG will give the property owner so many tag’s for their property. This includes all species Buck, Bull’s, cows and does from antelope all the way up to Moose, whatever is on or migrates though their property. That land owner has to give back to the public a % of the number of tags. If they were given 10 they give back 1 to the public so they have the opportunity to hunt private land. Then they are allowed to sell the remaining tags for what they desire. (Jonson Ranch is selling Bull Elk tags for $20,000 and up per tag). They are also given a hunting period from September to January and that is with any weapon.

    Now there are a very select few CMWU units that are doing good things with the tags that have been given to them. Like donating the tag’s to disable hunters and youth. But he majority of them have treated it as a cash cow. That is not what hunting is about.

    (The money game goes to the next level)

    The other problem we have is that big Developers are coming in and buying up these lager ranches and using them for profit. For example the little Red Creek CMWU used to be the Bandana Ranch that was owned by Utah residents that had cabins in that area. When hard times came around they were bought out. Now it is called little Red Creek Ranch that is owned by a developer out of England! And is run by Red Creek Outfitters LLC http://redcreeko


    Let’s talk about the point system. I sure hope If Idaho puts that in place, they do a better job than Utah has done! Utah FG says that if you have so many points that you will draw a tag.

    BULL SHIT!!!

    Here are the facts for this year just in my little part of the world. My friend has (16) points for limited entry elk my father-in-law has (11) I have (2) and my friends wife has (4). We all put in for the same unit. It was a unit that has a lot of tags and we should be able to draw one. Well we did, my friends wife with 4 POINTS!! Drew the tag. None of us where mad that she got it but what about the people that have put in for 16-20 years and find out that some one that has been putting in for 4 years drew the tag ?? This is not a onetime deal. This has been happening ever since they put the points system in place, Just ask any Utah resident how he likes the point system (Be ready to hear some words you would not say to grandma)


    Idaho Legislator wants to auction off premium tag, why? Is the IDFG hurting for money? What is the reason?

    In Utah they have been auctioning off tags since the mid to late 90 and each year they go up in price and it seem like there is a never ending supply of tags.

    You Idaho boys should come down and see the three ring circus that they call “Western Hunting Expo” at the Salt Palaces every February. Here is a list of the tags you can put in for the cost is “$ 5.00”. What they put in the fine print is that is the application fee and you will pay the full limited entry price (Elk $285.00). Now that is a lot of tag and it’s taking away from the people that have been trying to follow the points system. Why not take those tags and make sure that the people who have been putting in for 20 year’s draw? Instead of trying to make an extra $5 times thousands of applications.

    (The Money game grows bigger!!!)

    There is another side of this the actual auctions. At every RMEF, MDF, WTF, DU and every hunting Expo or show in UTAH ,there seems to be an unlimited number of tags for auction going to the highest bidder! Now every one of those tags takes away from the General hunting. See why they have not put 90% of the state back to Open Bull when Utah has some of the best Elk herds in the country, Or why we are on a draw only for Deer when they say we have Deer numbers that meet or exceed 30 years ago???

    Why should they there making good money!!! For example the antelope Island deer tag was auction off at the Western Hunting Expo for $260,000.00

    (Still want to Auction off tags?)

    You may ask how in the hell did this happen. Well my opinion is that Utah sportsmen where to full of them self’s (I’m guilty of being one of them) and thought it would never happen. We did not voice our opinion; attend wild life board meetings to keep in check the slippery ASSHOLE politicians.

    Take it from someone that it has already happen to. Kick down every door, attend every meeting, bug the hell out of the Politicians, Hair lip the Governor do whatever it takes NOT to let Idaho follow in the footsteps of UTAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There may be some Idaho residents that don’t agree with me and think that the IDFG are not doing a good job. They have no idea what they have now. Let them come to Utah and try to hunt like they are able to do in Idaho. They will quickly change their Mind!


    Adam White

    Draper, Utah

  3. John Moore Coeur d Alene, just attended IDFG meeting in CDA. Guess what not a single member of the State Legislature for the three northern counties attended. Not surprisingly they all voted in opposition to the interests of Idaho’s general hunters this year. We need to start a new Public Initiative, doing away with LAP Tags , Auction Tags, and Bonus Points. I’ll help collect signatures.

  4. This was written in collaboration with one of our commissioners that has defended sportsmen and our F&G

    In 1938 the Idaho Fish and Game Commission was created by voter initiative for the expressed purpose of having a Fish and Game Department free from political manipulation. Now seventy six years later it’s time to see how this principle is holding up over the course of time.
    To fully understand the state of the commission now, one must look over the last few years. The F & G has always been treated as the bastard child of the legislature but this relationship has degraded to the point that two fish and game commissioners that are celebrated by sportsmen will not be reappointed. Although the commission’s approval with the sportsmen is at an all-time high, Governor Butch Otter has made the highly unusual decision to rid himself of sitting commission chairman Mark Doerr of Twin Falls and sitting vice-chairman Will Naillon of Salmon.
    In trying to make sense out of such an unprecedented attack on the sportsmen of Idaho, we will venture down the rabbit hole of Idaho politics, complete with the cronyism, self-serving, and special interest that seem to be the common thread in any discussion of the goings on in the Idaho state house. The crux of this dismissal of leadership in the fish and game commission seems to be the continuing rift over (a) taking tags away from the general sportsman to sell to the highest bidder, (b) giving large landowners more tags and letting them market them for financial gain, and finally (c) instituting a bonus point draw system because one legislator wants them.
    Let us start with a July commission meeting three years ago. The discussion was the Landowner Appreciation Program or (LAP). Mr. Larry Williams (Tree Top Ranches) who owns tens of thousands of acres of prime Idaho wildlife habitat and farm ground had been pushing the commission for more LAP tags. The history of controversy of the LAP program has been going on as long as the program has been in existence. But two new commissioners sitting in on their first meeting and eager to be involved, suggested to supply the landowners with more tags. Commissioners Doerr, Naillon and former commissioner Anderson (region 6) opposed this action informing the new commissioners that this issue was more involved than this simple fix. Other things to consider were, the landowners who not only wanted more tags but whom also wanted to be able to market them for financial gain, and sportsmen whom would most certainly be affected when the surplus population of wildlife was turned over to the landowners to do with as they please. Through the course of conversation the topic died without further resolution. Following the meeting Mr. Williams council Bill Mulder who was attending the meeting sent notice to the legislature condemning the commission for not conceding to the wishes of Tree Top Ranches, even blatantly miss-quoting at least one commissioner presumably to put him in bad light. **As a side note and for future reference, I will add that Tree Top Ranches has never provided hunting access to the average sportsman.
    Next we will take a look at the issue of auction tags. Although sportsmen have long opposed the auctioning off of tags to the highest bidder, one man doesn’t care to stand in line with the commoners on a level playing field and simply wait for the luck of the draw. Seven years ago Doug Sayer (owner of Premier Technologies) a man with too many political connections to mention, hired lobbyist and former commissioner Jon Watts to institute a Governors tag program in which tags would be taken from non-resident sportsmen and auctioned off, thus creating an avenue to put the wealthy at the front of the line. Mr. Sayer was successful in his mission and legislation was passed. This gave the commission new and un-requested authority to issue up to twelve tags to be put to market. Each year following this new commission authority it has been reviewed and the commission has opted (largely on behalf of sportsmen input) that zero was the number of tags to be distributed to this program. Through an entirely different program, the commission has issued one big horn sheep tag for auction every year since 1988. ** Side note #2, Mr. Sayer has been the purchaser of this tag three times in the last several years, as well as numerus tags in other states.
    At last, this brings us to bonus points. Although many states have variations of a preference point or bonus point system, they most generally fall into two main principles. (1) You have little or no chance of drawing until those who have been putting in longer than you have drawn. And (2) the longer you put in, the more chances you have to draw (but so does everyone else). While scenario 1 is pretty self-explanatory, scenario 2 requires a little deeper inspection. The latter option does have some merit in the less desired high turnover hunts that one would have decent odds of drawing regardless, but does not help in the most coveted of hunts where the drawing odds are astronomical. Over time the F & G Commission has reviewed point systems and even surveyed the public multiple times, the commission has always reached the same conclusion. They have felt that instituting any such program does little more than sell the applicants false hope and waste sportsmen dollars. There is one legislator however who feels very differently. The largest single vocal proponent of a point system is Representative Mike Moyle (R) of the Eagle/Star area. Representative Moyle has been quoted on at least three separate occasions as saying “I don’t give a fuck what sportsman want, I want bonus points” The last person to repeat this quote of Representative Moye, actually gave it as testimony at the (recorded) January commission meeting in Boise. It was also said in the presence of former fish and game commissioner Fred Trevey (region 2), outgoing commissioner Mark Doerr and fish and game director Virgil Moore. Representative Moyle also gave these words of wisdom to Idaho State Bowhunters President Tad Sherman who even shared the quote on social media. ** No side note to this other than to thank Rep Moyle for his undying dedication of the voice of sportsmen and women.
    As we try and tie all this together, let us start with the 2014/15 legislative session where the Fish and Game introduced a Fee increase Bill. As a “clean” bill was submitted to the legislature for approval, the legislators ran wild using the departments funding as leverage to pursue the issues of both special interest and personal desires. Legislators attached to the bill, Senator Bert Brackett’s continued interest of unrestricted sale of LAP tags. Senator Brackett has long and openly supported this special interest knowingly with the conflict of interest that he stands to gain personally from it. They also attached the institution of a bonus point system (one guess where this originated). And Senator Steve Bair’s mandatory auction tags. The Fish and Game Commission went on the quick defensive and with then chairman Trevey as architect, and only after the commission ran it by the Governor’s office, issued an op-ed referencing the 1938 voter initiative and opposing this extreme action that could only be viewed as legislative overreach. Outgoing Commissioner Naillon told more than one of the other commission members that he had received a call from a legislator that had informed him that if the commission would concede to the sale of LAP tags then this new funding bill would undoubtedly be approved. The Commission stayed steadfast in their opposition of special interest and the funding increase that had the vast majority of sportsmen support died without ever having chance to make it to the floor of the house or senate.
    As our timeline moves forward to the summer of 2015, Pertesons Hunting Magazine put out an article on the issues of political overreach in managing sportsmen and wildlife in several western states. Wouldn’t you know it, Idaho’s own Senator Bert Brackett was highlighted in the story regarding his long standing tradition of fighting with Idaho’s Fish and Game Commission and his undying quest to line his pockets with money from the sale of landowner tags. The article fell short of using the term corruption, but suffice to say that Senator Brackett was outraged by the expose’. Lame Duck Commissioner Doerr was also mentioned in the article for his support of the commission process. When the legislative session began, Commissioner Doerr was called into the statehouse with the fish and game’s director for an explanation. What was said in the meeting is (as of now) unknown, other than Senator Bert Brackets’ vow to show the fish and game commission who makes the rules.
    As the session got underway, several bills were on the docket that seemingly did little more than “poke” at the Idaho Fish and Game and Commission and waste taxpayer dollars. One such bill was introduced to keep the fish and game commissioners from participating in any controlled hunts in the state. This coming about after two commissioners had been drawn for controlled hunts for big horn sheep. During testimony for another bill suggesting that Idaho’s draw system was somehow rigged, Senator Jeff Siddoway (R) of Terreton was not bashful in his implications that the odds of these two drawing tags was just too unlikely to be believed.
    The commission earlier that fall had instructed the department to survey the sportsmen in their feelings on auction tags. One survey was completely random and sent out to hunters picked completely by chance. Another survey running simultaneously was an online survey. The two surveys brought very different results the first survey when completed showed a very slight support for the commission issuing limited auction tags. The online survey results was a resounding show of opposition to the release of ANY auction tags. The published results were of the random survey and not mixed because the online survey is far more likely to be taken by people that are more involved and stay current in their knowledge of these topics. With the published results showing slight support for the issuance of tags, the fish and game department put it out to the regular winter public meetings and on the agenda to be voted on by the commission at the next meeting. Even though the fish and game department and commission was moving forward with the process, Senator Steve Bair (R) of Blackfoot sponsored legislation mandating that the commission issue twelve tags for auction whether sportsmen wanted them or not. With this new bill in place the commission deferred to the legislature simply because any action taken by the fish and game commission would have been rendered moot with this Senator Bair’s legislation. Senator Bair’s proposal was very contentious even in committee and only narrowly received a print hearing. The writing was on the wall for Senator Bair’s mandatory auction tags. It was no secret that the public didn’t want them and it was a juggernaut for the legislature. The Senator had little choice but to meet with the fish and game commission and put the pressure on them to make sure their auction tag proposal move forward successfully. Senator Bair called for a meeting with Chairman Doerr, Vice-Chair Nallon and Commissioner Fischer, it is said that it was requested that no Fish and Game staff attend but in the end Fish and Game Director Virgil Moore was also extended an invite. Also in attendance were Representative Mike Moyle, Senator Jeff Siddoway and who else but Mr. Doug Sayer, the man with the “special interest” in auction tags. Although no one is talking as to the actual discussion in that meeting, I believe one could safely assume that these commissioners were given stern incentive to come up with Mr. Sayers’s tags.
    Later in the session, after Both Commissioners Doerr and Naillon had written testimony to the senate opposing some of the legislation designed to poke them in the eye, several members representing both the house and senate marched into the Governor’s office to issue complaint as to the insurrection of two of his appointees. Those with grievances marching into the governor’s office were, Senator Bert Brackett, Senator Steve Bair, Senator Jeff Siddoway, Representative Mike Moyle, Representative Marc Gibbs and Representative Fred Wood. Do we now ask ourselves that out of thirty-five members of the senate and seventy members of the house of representatives, why it is that only a few of these names keep popping up time and time again? Little can be ascertained as to the outcome of the complaints of these legislators other than that both Chairman Doerr and Vice-Chair Naillon were called into the office of Governor Butch Otter.
    As the Fish and Game Commission members gathered for their quarterly meeting here in Boise, it seemed as if the entire world of sportspeople were collectively on the edge of their seats to see where the auction tag proposal was headed, would they stay the course or start down the path of Utah, catering to a considerably smaller group of sportsmen but one with much deeper pockets? In the end, the Fish and Game Commission as it has done consistently for seventy six years stayed strong. The auction tag proposal died for lack of motion.
    After that meeting, Larry Williams assistant Lisa (whom apparently went to high school with Commissioner Naillon) was overheard telling the commissioner that he was not going to be reappointed and would miss seeing him. Once again, it is not known if the vice-chair shared this information with the chair (knowing that this would undoubtedly affect them both) given that it would most likely tie Mr. Williams to Governor Otter in the ousting of two men who rose up to fight the fight for wildlife and for sportsmen.

    Coincidence? I think not. It’s too bad that our Governor isn’t the cowboy he pretends to be, living by a moral code. Instead, it would seem that he has chosen his legacy to be one of shame.

    Parts of these writings stand as hearsay and can seemingly not be verified (at least until the end of June when those commission appointments expire). And you can bet someone will be there to ask those questions and to see what other skeletons fall out of the closet. In the meantime, I would suggest that you all work on voting for candidates that have your desires as a sportsman in mind. Because with these two off the commission leaving the senior member with less than three years’ experience, auction tags, sale of LAP tags, and some form of point system are headed our way in the upcoming legislative session.

  5. Its at this point that all sportsmen need to contact Gov. Otter and let him know that we will be speaking up during this years election process. If you read the editorial in the statesmen today you will understand how crooked our politicians are. It is not the legislators job to manage wildlife in Idaho it is the F&G and Commissions responsibility based on hunter input. Senator Bair and Rep Moyle have straight out said they do not care what their constituents want. We listened into a hearing yesterday where Rep Bateman wanted his constituents to just do what he wanted. PLEASE WRITE THE GOVERNOR AND LET HIM KNOW THAT WE SUPPORT OUR COMMISSION FOR MANAGING WILDLIFE OVER OUR MONEY DRIVEN LEGISLATORS!!!

  6. We need you at the legislature this Monday, Feb. 29 at 1:30 p.m. A joint hearing is scheduled with the House & Senate Resource Committees in the
    The scheduled hearing is about how some in the Idaho legislature (and in Utah) want to lock us out of our public lands and waste our tax dollars on a frivolous lawsuit.
    This is about more than just public lands.
    By holding this hearing, the legislature is directly calling sportsmen out.
    Last year sportsmen raised our voices at the legislature. We held a highly visible rally on the steps of the capitol. We beat back bills on public lands transfer and won in the press. We stopped a number of bad amendments seeking to corrupt a necessary fee increase for our IDFG. We took a loss on the menigeal worm rule, but we went down swinging.
    Now senate resources is calling our bluff. Make no mistake, they don’t believe we have what it takes to fight over the long haul.
    This is same the committee trying to ram auction tags down our throats.
    This is the committee dead set on undermining our IDFG commission and ignoring the will of Idaho sportsmen.
    This is committee chairman who wants to see sportsman opportunity – in the form of elk tags – transferred to landowners for profit.
    Monday’s hearing is not about public lands, it is about respect.
    It’s about sportsmen paying our fair share and deserving a fair shake.
    It’s about preserving fishing and hunting opportunity for our kids and grandkids and calling out legislators for these laughable shenanigans designed to line their own pockets.
    This hearing is about standing up for our IDFG, the agency that we fund and count on to preserve our fish and wildlife.
    It’s about standing up for our commission, who could teach the legislature much about transparency and understanding the will of their constituency.
    Meet with other sportsmen at 1 p.m in the park across from the capitol

  7. There is a bill in the Idaho legislature, SB1236, that will have the Legislature directing Fish and Game Policy re: hunting Tags. This is not the process for managing our Fish and Game Resources.
    Bill SB1236 would force the Idaho Fish and Game (F&G) Commission to begin issuing auction tags for Moose, Deer, Elk, and Antelope. There have never been auction tags for these species. This bill is written and sponsored by our local Senator, Senator Steve Bair
    The Idaho Fish and Game Commission is established under the law as an independent, citizen commission for a reason. Politicians don’t belong meddling with our fish and game resources. They provide NO state funds for the F&G Dept. We, the citizen hunters, fishermen, and trappers pay all the funding not the legislature. Politicians know nothing of wildlife science or management. We citizen sportsmen, working with the F&G Commission, must be the system that manages wildlife in Idaho, the same model present in almost every state.
    This bill is the political camel’s nose under the tent on the way to stealing hundreds of tags from us, the citizens of Idaho. We the citizens own all the wildlife in this state and our appointed F&G Commission makes decisions based the best wildlife science. Utah now auctions over 500 tags at prices far above what the average citizen can afford. These new Idaho tags would be sold at similar prices. There are many in Boise who want to go the way of Utah and we are already well on the way to that situation.
    Wildlife is supposed to be available to our citizens on a democratically based, equal access system for all regardless of politics, power, or money. Bill SB1236 makes tags available only to the rich.
    If you want access to wildlife for your kids, no matter how they might interact with it, you need to educate Senator Bair about how you feel. All Idahoans who love wildlife must care. You’d better set him straight because many other destructive actions have already occurred in past legislatures and more are coming if you don’t speak up. There are far too many politicians in Boise with ideas like SB1236.
    Senator Bair’s phone: 208-332-1346 e-mail

  8. Idaho residents have long sought to manage wildlife for equal opportunity believing that the wildlife of Idaho is a public resource. Understanding that the legislature does not have the subject matter expertise, that a wildlife administrative body should be free from political influence, and that wildlife should be managed with the best available science, the Legislature gave the Fish & Game Commission the administrative authority to offer up to 12 auction tags, provide Landowner Appreciation Tags (LAP), and discretion to implement a bonus point system for lottery tag drawings. The Commission is appointed by the Governor and confirmed the legislature, and given the charge to represent sportsmen and do what is best for Idaho’s wildlife. To this date the Commission has chosen not to implement any of these programs. Members of the legislature seek to again overstep the authority given of the Fish & Game Commission, authority provided to the Commission by the Legislature in 2012. If a well-funded department is the goal, then the clean fee increase bill last year (HB32) should have been passed on its own merit without riders.
    Fish and Game recently put a survey out asking opinion of sportsmen. Sportsmen who are passionate about providing feedback to the Fish & Game on their own initiative were overwhelmingly opposed to auction tags. Written comment submitted to the Fish & Game is tracking 65% of sportsmen are opposed to the idea of auction tags, most of which are “strongly opposed.” These are obviously engaged sportsmen. These sportsmen are concerned with managing wildlife through science rather than legislation, and maintaining equal opportunity to wildlife. In a random survey mailed to Idaho sportsmen with a hunting license, 50% that participated in the draw permits, and 50% that did not, the results were 54% in favor auction tags. We are told this may have a statistical error rate of 2-3% which still is too close of a margin to say there is “enough” support.
    We are writing this letter in regards to SB1236. Once again legislation is trying to dictate the actions of the Idaho Fish and Game Department through the mandatory auctioning of controlled hunt tags. As was spoke against before, during the hostage holding of Idaho Fish and Game funding, Idaho’s wildlife is on the edge (once again) of being sent to the auction block to be sold to the highest bidder. For some reason certain Senators and Legislators are trying to turn Idaho’s most precious resource into a money generating commodity at the expense of all Idahoans, and worse yet our precious wildlife.
    It is our duty as an organization to stand up to protest what we feel are unjust motives And to push back against those who are passing bills which we feel endanger the very fabric of Idaho. Thanks for your time and consideration of the citizens that you gave oath to work for.

  9. After a great meeting with F&G I want to get this out there. Our commission is still doing a great job of representing sportsmen and want as much input from us as they can get on many subjects. Legislation still wants to circumvent process and tell the commission what they have to do. 5 years ago legislation put into law that the commission “may” institute auction tags. The commission has not felt the need to do so until this year when pressured by Senator Bair. After informing the commission that he was drafting legislation to make them put auction tags out, changing the wording from “may” to “shall”. The commission chose to discuss putting them out to appease him. Today he introduced the RS to committee and it was approved for printing and we should have a bill number soon and we will need to be emailing the house resources and conservation committee to make sure this does not pass. This is about legislation telling our commission what to do over us. If you look at the last few years, the more active sportsmen and women are with the commission and F&G, the more they work with us. We need to continue this work. As legislation goes please be ready to help support our hunting by calling, emailing, or even snail mailing your representative or senator. You elected them, they work for you.

  10. Tonight at 7:00 Nampa Fish and Game office to talk about the Auction tags, this is not about our commission doing wrong but legislation pushing them in the wrong direction. Even if they do make these changes which i personally am neutral to, they are still telling the commission what they have to do. Our legislators should not be trying to manage wildlife. Please show up and at least learn what is happening.

    We are getting the attention of the Governor and the Legislators on H0032 but we need to keep sending letters and calling to let them know exactly how we feel about them trying to add riders and force items upon us that we do not want. Senators, Bair, Brackett, and Siddoway and Reps, Bedke, Raybould, Gestrin, Gibbs, and Moyle are behind this. One of them told a commissioner “I don’t care what the sportsmen think, I want this”. I don’t know about you but I fell as though this individual NEEDS to be reminded of who they work for and if they are not willing to represent the masses, than they can be replaced with those that will come the next Election.
    Here is a breakdown of the writers they are trying to attach to the F&G Fee increase proposal:
    1. The Commission shall establish rules for bonus or preference points. Increase the fee for points to $5 (is now $4.50).
    2. Modifies the LAP program to establish, private land tags, family tags and stewardship tags. Private land tags may be sold but are only usable on private land in the given hunt area. Family tags can not be sold and can be used in the entire hunt area. Stewardship tags are for habitat enhancement, access and/or depredation agreements and are in addition to the private or family tags. Tags are allocated by acreage, 1 tag for 640 to 4999 acres; 2 tags for 5000 to 9999 acres and 3 tags for over 10,000 acres. These tags will come from the “statewide nonresident tags quota”. It appears to do away with the CH draw for LAP tags simply adding tags sufficient to meet the LAP demand.
    3. The Commission shall issue “Governor’s wildlife partnership tags”. Tags will be taken from “nonresident controlled hunt programs” – up to 3 deer, 3 elk, 3 pronghorn antelope, 1 mountain goat and 1 moose. Everything else appears similar to how the bighorn sheep tags are handled now.
    4. Implements the fee schedule proposed in our current bill
    5. Implements Discounted License Fees – “the commission shall order a discount in fees…”. This is the PriceLock concept except it does not have a review provision or sunset date included. It does not address the folks who might be involved in military, educational or religious absence from the state getting the discount when they return if they qualified when they left that we were told needed addressed.
    Contact for the Governor:
    Contact for Legislature:
    NO APATHY ALLOWED! Tags for good hunts will become very hard to get, especially for our kids, if this goes through.
    The legislative sportsmen’s caucus met this morning with some sportsmen and I am told that Rep. Wood acknowledged to the group that there would be a legislative RS for a print hearing soon. Rep. Donna Pence has indicated she believes the print hearing will be through the House Ways and Means Committee – this committee acts upon the call of the Speaker so can very quickly accommodate a print hearing to move something along although she has not yet seen the RS. I expect the print hearing will be in the next day or so.

  12. Here are the major players in this bill Please make sure you contact them and let them know that the sportsmen of Idaho are not going to let them forget about us!

    House side

    Scott Bedke; 208-332-1111
    Dell Raybould; 208-332-1173
    Terry Gestrin; 208-332-1124
    Mike Moyle; 3208-332-1120
    Marc Gibbs; 208-332-1042

    Senate Side

    Steve Bair; 208-332-1385
    Bert Brackett; 208-332-1336
    Jeff Siddoway; 208-332-1342

    the Governor’s office should be included on all of this as well.

    It was a very busy week last week with hearings, legislator meetings and interviews for the open Deputy Director position to mention a few.
    I meet with 8 additional different legislators last week and had hallway conversations with House Speaker Bedke and Majority Caucus Leader Mike Moyle. The good news is the revenue bill concepts and PriceLock appear to be gaining favor. Still have a number of legislators that are not saying they support, but like the PriceLock concept. I have been able to address some opposition to increasing the fees that is related to the Rock Creek property purchase proposal such that two legislators may consider support.
    Saturday evening a commisioner got a copy of a draft bill to me related to our revenue proposals that I have been reviewing this morning. I do not know the writer(s) of this draft bill but it does address most areas I had been told were being discussed by several legislators. This draft bill address 5 sections: auction tags, LAP tags, bonus points, fees and implements PriceLock as follows:
    1. The Commission shall establish rules for bonus or preference points. Increase the fee for points to $5 (is now $4.50).
    2. Modifies the LAP program to establish, private land tags, family tags and stewardship tags. Private land tags may be sold but are only usable on private land in the given hunt area. Family tags can not be sold and can be used in the entire hunt area. Stewardship tags are for habitat enhancement, access and/or depredation agreements and are in addition to the private or family tags. Tags are allocated by acreage, 1 tag for 640 to 4999 acres; 2 tags for 5000 to 9999 acres and 3 tags for over 10,000 acres. These tags will come from the “statewide nonresident tags quota”. It appears to do away with the CH draw for LAP tags simply adding tags sufficient to meet the LAP demand.
    3. The Commission shall issue “Governor’s wildlife partnership tags”. Tags will be taken from “nonresident controlled hunt programs” – up to 3 deer, 3 elk, 3 pronghorn antelope, 1 mountain goat and 1 moose. Everything else appears similar to how the bighorn sheep tags are handled now.
    4. Implements the fee schedule proposed in our current bill
    5. Implements Discounted License Fees – “the commission shall order a discount in fees…”. This is the PriceLock concept except it does not have a review provision or sunset date included. It does not address the folks who might be involved in military, educational or religious absence from the state getting the discount when they return if they qualified when they left that we were told needed addressed.
    I do not know if this draft will be printed or if further modifications are forth coming. Regardless I wanted you to know that there is more than just talk and I expect all of these aspects to part of a bill at some point this session. Sharon and I will give this further review and I will discuss with the Chair on Tuesday some ideas on how the Commission can approach these 5 items. I would request though we try and keep this close among the Commission for now until we can verify the status of this draft. We can discuss Thursday morning in more detail.
    I will call in to the Thursday conference call from Denver.
    Reps, Bracket, Bedkey, Sidaway, Bair, and of course Moyle are behind this. One of them told a commissioner “I don’t care what the sportsmen think, I want this”
    There is also talk of adding wolf depredation costs to this, which means that us sportsmen get to pay that bill as well!! We need to let our legislation know that we will not support them and will make sure they do not have a job in the next election if this is pushed through!!
    Tad Sherman

  14. THANK YOU!! What a response from everyone sharing the post last night and letting the Governor know how we feel. Now let’s head this off at the pass and contact our Legislators and let them know how WE feel about h0032 and the riders they are trying to add onto it. The few do not speak for the masses. I am asking you once again to share this post and take a couple of minutes to contact Legislation and let them know we will not stand for this. We don’t have much time at all to act on this so the time is NOW to act and let your voice be heard BEFORE it’s too late.

  15. Attention Idaho Sportsmen. As the Idaho legislature works to pass the new Idaho Fish and Game fee setting bill some legislators are attempting to attach dangerous riders and amendments to the bill that would make tags in Idaho more privatized and harder to draw. The changes are a way for legislators to circumvent the public rule setting process through the commission. Changes include the addition of governor tags, private sale guaranteed land owner tags and points systems. Idaho Sportsmen have fought these implementations in the past and must do it again. Please write the Governor and your legislators and tell them to pass H0032 without these dangerous attachments.

  16. House Bill 32, the fee proposal, is scheduled for a hearing in the House Resources & Conservation Committee on January 29. Sportsmen are encouraged to contact their legislators. See contact information below.
    Resources and Conservation Secretary: Jennifer Smith Email: Phone: 332-1136 Chair Dell Raybould Vice Chair Terry Gestrin Mike Moyle Ken Andrus Paul E. Shepherd Fred Wood Judy Boyle John Vander Woude Marc Gibbs Steven Miller Linden B. Bateman Van Burtenshaw Ron Mendive Julie VanOrden Rick D. Youngblood Donna Pence Mat Erpelding Ilana Rubel
    Anyone can send an e-mail ( to these legislators or call 208-332-1000 (toll free 800-626-0471) and leave a phone message.

    ISB Board has voted to support this fee increase, as it will go mostly towards enforcement as we are told. Please send in your opinion on your own as well!

  17. So after almost a week of reflection and input from local sportsmen, I decided i need to post more about our conversation with F&G the other night. This meeting is the start of something big, not just a conversation but an annual, bi-annual or even quarterly. I had hopes of doing it every year but have heard from several parties involved that they want more.

    Part of the reason for this meeting is that when i work with F&G i always hear they want more input from hunters. We Have not been going to them as organizations for far to long. We have a perception that when we go to an open house it is already “too late”. Well it is and you are all right, WE needed to be doing more long before those happen. We can complain about F&G and what they do all we want but if we have done nothing to help change policy then we are letting them get away with whatever you think they are doing. They are a state agency and work under a commission that they have to follow the rules set by the commissioners.

    The public hearings are for our input, but we can and are being active in making our own proposals and working with the dept and finding solutions or new hunts long before it gets to the “too late” stage. I asked people from regions 3 and 4 for input on several forums for input on things they would like to see. The response was much less than i had hoped for. But on the bright side i believe we must all be content with how things are!

    Like i said above, we will be doing this more often so please think about changes that will truly help our hunting heritage, and things that will make it so we leave things better for our kids.

    We only have one F&G dept to work with and they work for us. Lets work with them and see if we can get things back on track for both!

    Thank you


  18. Last night we had a meeting with Fish and game including Commissioners Fisher and Dorr. Many things we discussed in the meeting. We went through the whole proposal process and discussed everything from police, habitat, wildlife research, bowhunting and a variety of other things.
    Some of the ideas that came from this meeting are as follows.
    44 elk and deer hunts, August 30-sept 30
    39 Elk and deer hunts, August and sept, no dates really discussed but we will be looking at it, Low number of tags for both, and to include a bull hunt for ML hunters (15-20 tags)
    38 antelope, this is an unknown and if any of you have any info on numbers in this area please feel free to let us know where and how many you see during the summer months.
    41 elk, there is now believed by sportsmen to be a large enough population to have an archery hunt in this area. F&G will be reviewing population counts.
    Motorized closures in the 39. This would extend the closures in the danskin area. The number of elk that moved down on to private property was substantially less this last couple years of closure. It is believed that the lack of traffic and pressure contributed to this.
    Hunters Ed. instructors, we need more, if you have time and are willing please contact the F&G office closest to you.
    54 elk, Increase tags during archery to 15 to match the rifle and ML hunts.
    Draw wait periods, this has been a discussion for a couple years and was brought up again last night. Changing the wait period from 1 to 3 years will increase odds for those that have not drawn a tag in most units.
    Rifle permits: just like archery and ML have to do.
    And last changing catfish to be legal to shoot with a bow. F&G admits that the take on catfish is so low that this is just a rule or law change and we will be working on that but it might take a couple years.
    I would like to know your thoughts on these, they are not proposed but ideas brought to the table and are open for further discussion. Any ISB proposals will be made later in the month before F&G puts out their proposals.

  19. We had a fantastic meeting tonight with 21 sportsmen, 9 F&G employees, and 2 commissioners. I don’t think that anyone that attended the meeting was disappointed and in fact it was a huge success! As sportsmen from the regional clubs there was a lot to learn about how we make proposals to the dept and then worked through a few dozen with them. I will post more on what the proposals that may have a chance are later. Remember this was only regions 3-4.

  20. Winter meeting is scheduled for January 24 at the fish and game building in jerome Id. This is a membership meeting. and all are welcome to join. Please let us know if there are any issues that you would like to discuss.

    Thank you

    Tad Sherman

  21. ISB will be having a meeting with F&G in January to discuss, bowhunting, hunt changes, and other things in regions 3 and 4. We have invited a couple members from each of the affiliated clubs to join. If you are a member of those clubs please speak with the president and let him know if you have any ideas. Equipment restrictions will not be part of this conversation. Additional hunts, and changing hunts will be the main topics of conversation.
    So with that being said, what Ideas do you have? Remember when submitting a idea that it has to be fair to all of the user groups, we don’t get to boot rifle hunters or walk on the ML guys. Whatever the proposal is, it has to work for them as well.

  22. News Release

    Idaho Department of Fish and Game

    600 South Walnut

    P.O. Box 25

    Boise, ID 83707-0025

    “To Preserve, Protect, Perpetuate and Manage”

    Contact: Idaho Fish and Game 208-334-3746

    For Immediate Release

    Fish and Game Seeking Wolf Observations

    Scouting for upcoming hunting seasons, huckleberry picking, and general late summer recreating are all good reasons for getting away to Idaho’s great outdoors. If during these forays, you see a wolf, Fish and Game staff would like to hear about it.

    “We’re looking for basic wolf information from folks returning from the field,” Fish and Game wildlife manager Craig White said. “Where the wolf or wolves were seen, their behavior, size, coat color and any other details.”

    The easiest way to report sightings is to use the wolf reporting form on the Fish and Game website. The user-friendly, step-by-step form takes only a few minutes to complete and can be accessed at

    Completed forms are relayed to area biologists who, in some cases, may contact the observer for more details. “Many of the reports will be valuable in confirming documented wolf activity,” White said. “In other cases, a report might identify a new wolf activity area that needs further investigation.”

  23. F&G is now taking comments on a proposal to allow landowners to sell their LAP tags. talking to commissioner Nailin today this is going through, trying to stop it isn’t going to happen unless sportsmen actually band together and fight as one.

    This is a follow up to the law that was passed allowing landowners to guide on their own property.

    So options to support after you say you are totally against it: 1. if they sell the tags it has to be through public auction on the F&G web site and 20% of the funds go to F&G TAGGED for habitat restoration or depredation claims. 2. If you sell tags you are not eligible for a depredation claim.

    We were able to shut down the ban on using “artificial bait” in region 6.

    We still have the debate going of people wanting to add more gadgets to their bows and arrows.

    We have also got a deal they are starting to debate that only lets you put in for an unlimited hunt as a first choice.

    The late 39 deer hunt, and that whole situation is far from over.

    We also shoot more does in unit 54 in one year that the whole state of Utah allows statewide. how is that sound herd management?

  24. After the comments Friday night and a meeting this morning, IDFG will be revising the proposed closure of unit 39. The unit would remain open for the existing archery hunt with the addition of a short range X cow elk hunt. That means some muzzle loaders would be in the area at the same time but you could also have an extra elk tag while your already hunting deer!

    They have been working with ISB and have put out the effort to seek our input, thank you to those that made the effort!

  25. Region 3 has an open house at the sports and RV show friday from 6-8. For those of you that like hunting 39 late for deer this will be an important on for you to be at. They are talking of closing down the section south of blacks creek to the south fork of the Boise, all the way south(danskins) Please show up and let them know how you feel.

  26. There are proposals for the entire state. Now is the time to be sending emails, making phone calls, attending meetings to voice your opinion on these proposals. Once it is gone/changed it may never be back.

  27. This spring we are faced with a few different challenges, First we will get into the lighted nocks, it seems that quite a few people want them even if it can cost time in the field, after many conversations with F&G i don’t feel this will be the straw that breaks the camels back. It is only frustrating as people keep pushing for more and more of the technology even if it has ill effects. ISB has a long history of standing its ground with the new technologies. The reasons being that we have been told for many years that our seasons will be shortened if we become to successful. Our harvest statistics have increased state wide, we have more hunters shooting more elk and things will be changing.

    Region 3 has a threat to out late archery hunt in 39, not the whole unit but part of it. We are trying to work with the dept to come up with a reasonable agreement. We have got a few hunts that are new or increased the tag numbers of existing hunts as well.

  28. We are in another bonus point battle with the state house again. We are on top of things but need all of you to call in and oppose HB145. BP systems don’t work and will not make things better for anyone and especially not our children. Our hunting heritage is at stake here so make sure you call and email all of your representatives and let them know we do not want this!! If you have any questions feel free to contact me!


  29. With Jamboree a month away things are going smooth, we will have a few new items this year that we want to keep you informed on. First and most important is that there WILL BE NO COMPETITIVE REGISTRATION ON SATURDAY. You can however pre register and and will be entered to win a bow!!! Only those that pre register will be put in for it!!! Second is you see an increase in raffle and auction Items. A lot of our friends in the archery trade are steppping up to help out with fantastic items!!!! We with have bows, clothing, equipment, certificates, knives, and more!!!!!! Thank you to all that have been helping!!!!

  30. News Release Idaho Department of Fish and Game 600 South Walnut P.O. Box 25 Boise, ID 83707-0025 “To Preserve, Protect, Perpetuate and Manage” Contact: Idaho Fish and Game 208-334-3746 For Immediate Release Fish and Game Announces Wildlife Summit The Idaho Wildlife Summit will be August 24 through 26 at the Riverside Hotel in Boise and six concurrent satellite sites in Coeur d’Alene, Lewiston, Salmon, Twin Falls, Pocatello and Idaho Falls. People also may participate online. The event will span the state, allowing residents to participate and to interact in real time – from Pocatello to Coeur d’Alene, from Boise to Salmon. The purpose is to involve as many people as possible in helping set the direction for wildlife management in Idaho. The Summit will start Friday afternoon, continue through Saturday and end Sunday noon. The aim of the event is to bring together diverse interests to find common ground, and ultimately build a broader base of support for wildlife conservation. The federal funds that now support a lot of what Idaho Fish and Game does, are likely to stop growing or decline, Fish and Game Director Virgil Moore said. “The responsibility for meeting the needs in Idaho are going to fall more squarely and appropriately on the shoulders of Idahoans and the people who use the resources in Idaho,” Moore said. The Summit will feature presentations by Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter; Shane Mahoney, a biologist and prominent spokesman for wildlife conservation from Newfoundland in eastern Canada; by Toni Hardesty, a former director of the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality and now director for The Nature Conservancy-Idaho; and by Jim Posewitz, founder of Orion The Hunter’s Institute. “The Wildlife Summit provides wildlife advocates a unique opportunity to hear from top wildlife authorities and to help set the stage for the future of wildlife management in Idaho,” said Commissioner Randy Budge, Idaho Fish and Game Commission chairman-elect. Throughout the event, booths at all seven sites staffed by Fish and Game employees will be open to provide information about the breadth of activities of Idaho Fish and Game. Registration and participation is free. For information go online to Moore and Budge also will discuss the Summit on Idaho Public Television’s call-in Dialogue program on June 14. For details go online to or check local television listings.

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